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JavaScript Balloon 1k postmortem

Last year was the last edition of js1k, a 1k JavaScript code golfing competition I usually took part. Last month, I saw a tweet by Xem that he was preparing a js1k successor: so I decided I must take part as well even though I had very limited time 😎. The end result can […]

Oracle Code One – San Francisco

Few days ago I had the great opportunity to speak at Oracle Code One ( I spoke about the canvas API performance and how to measure it on the modern web track at the conference and it was the first time I was doing a live coding on the stage! I have been playing with […]

Looping – js1k 2018 post mortem

For this year’s js1k I wanted to build a simple ray-tracer to see both how much could I fit in 1k and the performance of js. I started by adding a very simple (trivial) camera implementation and adding a sphere primitive: Results where not mind blowing but, hey, that was a start. Code was pretty […]

xmas live-coding

Last week, I was invited to take part in one of our development communities. The challenge was to explain something different than what are they using every day and, at the same time, make some fun of me 😉 I just had a small special request, to explain how I created my 2016 js1k entry. […]

Building Android UIs with Custom Views

After few more months working at nights, while commuting and weekends, I managed to write a book specialised on Android Custom Views. It covers several topics: first it explains the reasons why we need to build custom views and what are the benefits and drawbacks of using them and then, describes how to start drawing […]

MWC Shanghai 2017

I know it has been a long time since the last post, but since last summer I was invited to talk at Mobile World Congress Shanghai and I still haven’t talked about the experience I thought it was about time to do so. I spoke at the Transforming Industries Summit about the transformation we’re doing […]

JavaOne 2016

I gave a talk about java bytecode and performance at JavaOne 2016 San Francisco. See below the slides and a recording of the video:

Learning Android Application Development

These last months I’ve been very busy writing a book about Android development. It covers from the very basics to application testing and using third party libraries to make your life as a developer easier. It’s available both in ebook and printed format, if you’re interested, grab a copy! PacktPub Amazon O’Reilly […]

Droidcon Italy

These days I am at Droidcon Italy in the beautiful city of Turin and, earlier this morning, I gave a talk about Android performance from the point of view of bytecode (oh big surprise here) Here are the slides: #perfmatters

Voxeling – js1k 2016 postmortem

This year, as usual, I got the inspiration from somewhere else 🙂 Checking twitter while commuting I saw a re-tweet with a voxel image, I dug up a bit and, to be honest, I was really impressed by the amazing work of @Sir_carma: More work of Sir_carma More specifically in this voxel image:   Source: […]

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