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JavaScript Balloon 1k postmortem

Last year was the last edition of js1k, a 1k JavaScript code golfing competition I usually took part. Last month, I saw a tweet by Xem that he was preparing a js1k successor: so I decided I must take part as well even though I had very limited time 😎. The end result can […]

Looping – js1k 2018 post mortem

For this year’s js1k I wanted to build a simple ray-tracer to see both how much could I fit in 1k and the performance of js. I started by adding a very simple (trivial) camera implementation and adding a sphere primitive: Results where not mind blowing but, hey, that was a start. Code was pretty […]

xmas live-coding

Last week, I was invited to take part in one of our development communities. The challenge was to explain something different than what are they using every day and, at the same time, make some fun of me 😉 I just had a small special request, to explain how I created my 2016 js1k entry. […]

Voxeling – js1k 2016 postmortem

This year, as usual, I got the inspiration from somewhere else 🙂 Checking twitter while commuting I saw a re-tweet with a voxel image, I dug up a bit and, to be honest, I was really impressed by the amazing work of @Sir_carma: More work of Sir_carma More specifically in this voxel image:   Source: […]

Happy 2015!

Just to wish you all Happy 2015! click inside for additional snow pixel art by loopicraft inspired by

JS1k 2014 entries

Last year I said I had a very ambitious idea for the js1k 2013 competition but I didn’t had the time and I thought to leave it for the following year. This year, once again, I could only work on my entry the day before the deadline, so I decided to do something else and […]

My js1k entry

I was thinking to take part into the javascript 1k competition (here) but as I didn’t had too much free time and never really did that much in javascript targeting at 1k, I discarded the idea. Until I got a very ambitious idea the last day before the deadline.. how appropriate.. So I started trying […]

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