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III Jornades Emprenedoria i Tècniques Institut Poblenou

Few weeks ago I was invited as a speaker to the “Jornades Emprenedoria i Tècniques Institut Poblenou” and yesterday I went there and gave a talk about product vs project, lean approach, ux and, at the end I explained the AngelHack experience, what are hackathons, why is useful to attend, … There was a good […]

Speaking in more conferences ;)

There has been a lack of updates on this blog.. yes… I’m fully aware. But I’ve been speaking in some more conferences (like if that was a good excuse…). For example, last weekend, I spoke at the first edition of JBCNConf here in Barcelona about Java performance and basically what’s going on at compiler level […]

Speaking at mobile development conferences

These last months I’ve been speaking in some mobile conferences: – Mobiconf (Krakow – Poland) – Droidcon UK (London) – Droidcon NL (Amsterdam) Here is a video recording of my presentation at Droidcon UK: (you can create a free account with skills matter if you don’t have one) And here is a link to […]

Happy 2015!

Just to wish you all Happy 2015! click inside for additional snow pixel art by loopicraft inspired by

BlackBerry 10 – Native algorithm optimization

When looking for performance it’s important to understand what is going on at the compiler level and how the compiler is optimising our code. For example, enabling the assembly output will allow us to see what is exactly generating and have a greater understanding of why some parts of the code execute faster or the […]

JS1k 2014 entries

Last year I said I had a very ambitious idea for the js1k 2013 competition but I didn’t had the time and I thought to leave it for the following year. This year, once again, I could only work on my entry the day before the deadline, so I decided to do something else and […]

BcnDevCon Presentation – Improving Java & Dalvik Code Performance

Last week I did a presentation at BcnDevCon about improving Java Code Performance. The focus of the presentation was showing some examples of compiled java sources and evaluate the performance impact of different ways of looping, string concatenation or using Java 1.5 features as autoboxing or foreach loops. According to java the performance optimizations are […]

What your mom didn't tell you about autoboxing…

Autoboxing is a nice feature added to Java 5 to avoid writing boxing code to add, for example, primitive data types to a Collection as you can only add the appropriate wrapper class (Integer for int, Long for long, …). I’ve recently seen the autoboxing feature being widely used all over the place so I […]

Aparició en un episodi de Gentilicis

Ara fa unes setmanes l’equip del programa Gentilicis va estar per Vilanova gravant un nou episodi. En aquest episodi entrevisten a Toni Albà i parlen sobre el pasat, present i futur de la ciutat amb altres vilanovins. Concretament parlen amb Anton Font, fundador dels Joglars; Albert Tubau, de l’ADEG i amb mi com a vilanoví […]

My js1k entry

I was thinking to take part into the javascript 1k competition (here) but as I didn’t had too much free time and never really did that much in javascript targeting at 1k, I discarded the idea. Until I got a very ambitious idea the last day before the deadline.. how appropriate.. So I started trying […]

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