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Presentation about Java Internals & Java code injection

Usually on Friday afternoons, while having a social drink, we do some technical presentations to share our knowledge to other colleagues. One of the presentations I did was about Java internals, class file format, bytecode and some code injection I had to do. The funny part was after all the work, the ‘hack’ was not […]

Outcome BlackBerry 10 presentation

Last thursday I did an introduction to BlackBerry10 for Android developers. I focused most on the current limitations and possibilities of the Android Runtime of BlackBerry10 and I’ve also used some slides explaining how to convert a binary .apk file to a BlackBerry10 .bar file and sign using command line tools. There are, of course, […]

Presentation about BlackBerry 10

Next week during Mobile World Congress I am going to do a presentation about BlackBerry 10 together with Jorge del Casar, BlackBerry Developer Evangelist in Spain. The event is organized by GDG Barcelona and will be held in the Facultat Informàtica Barcelona [googlemaps’Inform%C3%A0tica+de+Barcelona&gl=ES&hl=en&t=m&ll=41.389415,2.113323&spn=0.005634,0.00912&z=16&iwloc=A&output=embed&w=425&h=350] If you’re a developer it’s a good opportunity to get to […]

Few Android applications I've been working on…

I live in a rather small and calm city called Vilanova i la Geltrú, close to Barcelona and to other touristic places like Sitges, most of the time goes completely unnoticed. What applies to tourists also applies to some terms like technology, companies, … As an example, few months ago there wasn’t that much movement […]

Més aparicions a TV!

El passat dia 16 Canal Blau TV va parlar de l’aposta de Vilanova pels smartphones. Dins d’aquesta “petita” notícia va fer una refèrencia a Service2Media i a la petita aplicació que vaig desenvolupar per a llegir les notícies de l’ajuntament de Vilanova publicades al seu RSS Feed. Aquí teniu el vídeo. Ho podeu veure a […]

Barcelona BlackBerry Developer's Group

This last weekend we got the official confirmation from Research In Motion about our proposal to create an official, RIM-Sponsored, Barcelona BlackBerry Developer’s Group. And it’s no longer a proposal, it’s a reality!! Now is time to get as much developers interested and involved in the project and try to do a first meeting as […]

Fuga de cervells a la vilanovina..

Des de fa uns dies estic intentant posar Vilanova al mapa… En alguns temes la veritat és que ja hi es i a més hi destaca.. però per exemple, amb el terreny de les aplicacions mòbils hi havia com un buit… Afortunadament no estic sol i ja hi ha gent que ha fet moltíssima feina […]

ADEG & Canal Blau TV

Few days ago I did a presentation about the ‘smartphone revolution’ at my hometown local companies association ADEG. The presentation went very well and there was around 25 people there. I did the presentation together with Conrad Rovira, owner of A16 Sistemes Informàtics and we both managed to show the companies there why mobile technologies […]

Augmented Reality – II

In my last post I showed how to get position and orientation updates. In this short post (also because it’s quite simple) I’ll show how to integrate it with the camera preview. To show the camera preview in Android it’s quite easy, just create a class that extends from SurfaceView and implements the SurfaceHolder.Callback methods: […]

Augmented Reality – I

Since I had my first android phone I got curiosity into augmented reality. I have to say, compared to j2me, android is a lot more powerful and you get surprised about how easy is to achieve some things than in j2me are near impossible or rather complicated. Also seems that AR is some kind of […]

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