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JavaOne 2016

I gave a talk about java bytecode and performance at JavaOne 2016 San Francisco. See below the slides and a recording of the video:

Speaking in more conferences ;)

There has been a lack of updates on this blog.. yes… I’m fully aware. But I’ve been speaking in some more conferences (like if that was a good excuse…). For example, last weekend, I spoke at the first edition of JBCNConf here in Barcelona about Java performance and basically what’s going on at compiler level […]

Speaking at mobile development conferences

These last months I’ve been speaking in some mobile conferences: – Mobiconf (Krakow – Poland) – Droidcon UK (London) – Droidcon NL (Amsterdam) Here is a video recording of my presentation at Droidcon UK: (you can create a free account with skills matter if you don’t have one) And here is a link to […]

BcnDevCon Presentation – Improving Java & Dalvik Code Performance

Last week I did a presentation at BcnDevCon about improving Java Code Performance. The focus of the presentation was showing some examples of compiled java sources and evaluate the performance impact of different ways of looping, string concatenation or using Java 1.5 features as autoboxing or foreach loops. According to java the performance optimizations are […]

Presentation about Java Internals & Java code injection

Usually on Friday afternoons, while having a social drink, we do some technical presentations to share our knowledge to other colleagues. One of the presentations I did was about Java internals, class file format, bytecode and some code injection I had to do. The funny part was after all the work, the ‘hack’ was not […]

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