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JavaScript Balloon 1k postmortem

Last year was the last edition of js1k, a 1k JavaScript code golfing competition I usually took part. Last month, I saw a tweet by Xem that he was preparing a js1k successor: so I decided I must take part as well even though I had very limited time 😎. The end result can […]

Image Rotation in j2me

Lately I’ve been creating some low level image functions for Java ME just to see if low level bitmap manipulation was way too slow for doing it on real time on Java ME or it was, at least, usable. I’ll publish more functions but I’ll start with Image Rotation. In Java ME is easy to […]

Move along, nothing to see here..

In this blog I’ll post the experiences of working developing J2ME applications. It will be mainly focused on the graphical part and how the user may interact with them although there will be non-interactive applications like the one I’m introducing below. This was my first attempt to do a 4k intro with J2ME. I’m not […]

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