Outcome BlackBerry 10 presentation


Last thursday I did an introduction to BlackBerry10 for Android developers. I focused most on the current limitations and possibilities of the Android Runtime of BlackBerry10 and I’ve also used some slides explaining how to convert a binary .apk file to a BlackBerry10 .bar file and sign using command line tools. There are, of course, easier tools (eclipse plugin, online repackager) but those don’t really need an explanation. At the end there is also a very quick introduction to QML/Qt and native vs cascades development.
Something we learned about the event is people is really tired after 4 days of Mobile World Congress and gets a bit lazy if it’s raining pretty heavily. Luckily the event was live-streamed and there is a recording of the whole presentation.
Find below some links of the event:
Pictures of the event at Google+
Slides (.pdf)
Video capture of the whole presentation
Please stay tuned for the next BlackBerry Group meeting in early April.